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Our Service And Guarantee.

Who are we?

Chrono Masters is an online vintage watch store. Founded in the Netherlands with the aim to bring outstanding customer service and great watches to the world!

We believe that you should do what you do best, in order to provide the best value for everyone.

We specialize in cool watches. If we don’t like it, we don’t offer it. We work with top-tier master watchmakers who check our watches and perform service when needed.


What makes us different?

We provide extensive descriptions and information about any watch we sell. Our transparent way of selling is loved by customers all over the world.

We get energy from customer stories and feedback. We believe a watch purchase is not a one-time transaction but rather a relationship you build with each other. That’s why our service doesn’t end when we ship your watch. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied, even after 5 years.

5 star Google and Chrono24 rating.
Luxury watch box with every watch order.
30-day returns, no questions asked.
6 months warranty, always.

We use a 3 Step process to ensure you can buy with confidence

Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.


How do We Check our Watches?

To ensure that we deliver your watch in the best working state as possible, we have all our watches checked by experienced watchmakers.

These watchmakers use the following steps to decide whether a watch needs service before being offered for sale:

  1. The watch is put on a timegrapher to check the basic values. An amplitude of 250 degrees, combined with a daily variation of maximum +30 seconds and a beat error of 1Ms means that a watch has a PASS to go to the next check. Any values lower than this means that it needs service (depending on the kind of watch and pricing these value standards might be higher, we are always happy to provide this information).
  2. The watch is opened and the movement is checked for dust, grease and worn out or broken parts. If the movement is clean and no parts are broken, the watch will go through to the final check. If not, it will go to service.
  3. All functions of the watch are tested (day function, date function, setting the day and date, setting the time, chronograph functions, winding the watch and power reserve). If any of these functions seem off, the watch is serviced and checking starts at number one again after the service.

We Guarantee Authentic Watches

All our watches are guaranteed authentic and come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Before acquiring a watch we always check the dial, crown, movement and case on originality. Original glass is rare on these watches as most of them use and acrylic crystal (plexi) that is easy to scratch and much replaced with earlier services.

The most important criteria for us are the dial, case and movement. These have to be original.

If we sell a watch that has a refurbished dial, this is always mentioned and that particular watch was chosen based on its aesthetics rather than collector value. The crown is less important as these were also replaced with services many times. They prove to be less influential on the collector value.

Enjoy browsing our collection and feel free to reach out to us if any questions arise!